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Sustainable Consumption of Generation Z


Gen Z is considered the most individualistic and environmentally conscious generation. With a population base of over 2 billion, they represent the main force of the mobile internet and consumer markets. Gen Z's awareness and sensitivity to sustainable consumption are greater than other age groups, with 75% of respondents in a First Insight survey stating that they prefer to buy from sustainable brands.



However, amid inflationary pressures, CouponBirds conducted a survey of 5,600 Gen Z consumers in the US aged 16 to 22 to see if their outlook had changed.




According to the results, 90% of Gen Z respondents feel more favorably towards brands labeled as "sustainable", while 54% believe that sustainable brands should ensure that their products are durable and support secondary recycling. While pragmatic in an inflationary environment, they still believe in redefining consumption norms, advocating for environmental conservation, prioritizing health, and saving resources and energy.


For this generation, brands must be sustainable while ensuring product quality. Gen Z recognizes that poor product quality will hinder the brand's practicality and cause another form of waste.



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