About Us

About Us

Real-Time Deals & Real-Time $avings! CouponBirds is one of few coupon sites that are collecting, verifying, updating coupons in a real-time way without spam and fraud.

CouponBirds works with merchants, third-party platforms to provide the best quality real-time online coupons, deals to our customers.

About CouponBirds

What makes CouponBirds different and outstanding?

Accuracy: CouponBirds has developed our own coupon updating system to guarantee the accuracy of coupons in the largest extent. We use machine learning and manual verification to improve coupon accuracy.

Coverage: CouponBirds covers the biggest amount of merchants based on our research among top coupon websites. From top retailer to those niche web stores, you can always find the one you want.

Expertise: Discount promotion is a popular sales strategy for retailers. Some of them target existing customers, while some mainly focus on new customers acquisition like web hosting industry. Our coupon specialists have deep understanding of this, and they select the best coupon/deals based on their professional judgement.

Art: For top brands, most of them are more open to coupon and deals promotion, we mainly focus on coupon accuracy. For long tail and niche brands, we mainly focus on the coverage, trying to cover as many stores as we could.

With strong technology devotion and operational efforts, CouponBirds is the great bridge between merchants and customers.

For Customers

How coupons get updated on CouponBirds?

  • We have many channels to collect coupons online and use machine learning to deal with all datas.
  • Coupons collected from different channels will get reviewed by our team first, then published.
  • Different types of offers, including coupon codes, deals, rewards, gift cards, can be found on CouponBirds.

Our Partners

Big Events of Us

Our Story

When people talk about coupon, which word come first? “Savings!”, that’s the core value of a coupon site. Almost everyone would like a little extra cash fall sometimes. The idea to start a coupon site was first born in 2012, when we noticed that there was not a place could help us find all the coupon and deals information we need. The problem is how could we do even better than those who have been in coupon/deals industry for around 10 years? How could we make great differences? It takes as long as 3 years for us to think, invest, research and finally release CouponBirds. Accuracy and Coverage, that’s what we pursue and insist. We are glad to witness the rapid growth of CouponBirds in the past several years and believe we’ll do even better in the future.

Our Team

CouponBirds has been operating in the market since 2012. Throughout this period, we have grown from several people to a large team. Our young, talent, passionate stuff is the core of our success. Our main leadership team has vast experience in technology, marketing and advertising industry. Our goal is to provide the best coupon/deals platform for our customers and be a unique platform between merchants and users.


John is leading CouponBirds product team. His team is focusing on CouponBirds product strategy, customer research, data analysis and user experience improvement. Before CouponBirds, John was working at Google as a Product Specialist specialized in commercial products . John holds a Master Degree of Electronics Engineering from Peking University and a Bachelor Degree of Thermal Engine from Shanghai Jiaotong University.


Steve is managing CouponBirds engineering team, to provide the best Coupon product internally and externally. Before CouponBirds, Steve was working in mobile phone and mobile internet industry for more than 10 years. He is also responsible for CouponBirds engineering talents hiring, with the goal to set up a top-class engineering team to build best retail products for consumers. Steve holds a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science from Wuhan University.


Victor is CouponBirds Data Scientist. His main job is to collaborate all data resources and make sure only the best-quality coupon information is listed before customers. He has been with CouponBirds from the very start. At the moment, he manages and tests data mining, third-party APIs, recommendation algorithm. Victor holds a Master Degree in Medical from Peking University.


Tricia is managing CouponBirds partnership team. She is focusing on improving customer satisfaction and merchants cooperation. CouponBirds operations team’s goal is to make sure CouponBirds is one of the best coupon platforms online to provide fresh, accurate coupons/deals with first-class coverage. Tricia holds a Bachelor Degree of English Literature from Xi'an International Studies University.

Social Responsibility

From 2016, CouponBirds has been holding scholarship program to help college students in reducing their tuition fee burden. In the process of this, we make good relationship with many universities and get warm feedback from students. We’ll continue to contribute more to the society to help people save big and live a better life!

The CouponBirds scholarship made me realize that when it comes to money, it is up to the individual on how to wholly handle it. With the true intent of seizing control, it becomes possible to crack the whip on all things money. With all of this being said, I am truly honored to accept a reward from CouponBirds, an association that encourages financially savvy lifetime habits, and I thank them for helping me relieve some of the financial burden that comes with furthering an education for my future.