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Crypto Compensation: Part-payment in Cryptocurrency


A recent survey by CouponBirds conducted prior to the recent crash in crypto currencies revealed that the average employee would have liked to have received 38% of their monthly salary in a virtual currency. The company, which is a provider of consumer information about real-time deals and savings, applied this percentage to the current value of Bitcoin and determined how much each employee would have hypothetically lost had they opted for partial crypto payments from January 2022.


Check the following Infographic to see the results:



The analysis revealed that the each employee would have made a significant loss on their crypto-based salary - $2,656.67 to be exact. To put it another way, an employee who opted to be paid only in US dollars would have earned $19,164.60 over a 6 month time period, compared to one who opted for a part crypto salary (38%), who would have earned $16,507.93 since January 2022.



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