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What is a Fundraising Thermometer?

People always use thermometers to measure bodies' or surroundings' temperature. However, when thermometers are used during the fundraising campaigns, they have similar meanings to show the 'high' or 'low' of the fundraising either from the slowness or quickness that the thermometer rises. When using a fundraising thermometer tracker, we set a fundraising goal and it presents as the top of the fundraising thermometer graphic. The mercury rises if there is money raised. Also, if the mercury rises quickly, it presents that the fundraising campaign is smooth and it is hoped to finish raising at a very short time.

Actually, a fundraising thermometer, also called a donation thermometer, goal thermometer or money raising thermometer, is a visual presentation to show the process of a fundraising event. It helps your non-profits master the fundraising situations in time and encourages the donors to contribute to your campaigns. In this article, you will know almost everything concerning the fundraising thermometer including 1) benefits of fundraising thermometers; 2) how to use a fundraising thermometer; and 3) download your free editable fundraising thermometer template.

Benefits of Fundraising Thermometers

People are more likely to view fundraiser thermometer images than texts when observing a campaign going on, so do use a fundraising thermometer graphic in the process of fundraising. It has benefits for both the donors and the fundraisers.

  • For the donors,

    1. Using fundraising thermometer images make the donors see a visual goal to finish, it will engage them with the process.

    2. The fundraising thermometer encourages donors to give more. The donors can see the effects that their donation makes, and they are encouraged to make more impressions if they want to see a more obvious change in the mercury of the donation meter.

  • For the fundraisers,

    1. Help the fundraisers know about the process of fundraising. The fundraising thermometer image shows the rate of progress of your event, and also the gap between fundraising goals and current money that has been raised. It is easy for the organizers to know the detailed information with the fundraising thermometer tracker.

    2. Keeping up the fundraiser momentum. The fundraising thermometer can keep up the fundraising momentum when energy and power wear down as the campaign will come to an end. Because the fundraiser can see the distance clearly if they want to achieve the goal.

    3. Stimulating your nonprofit staff. The fundraising thermometer trackers not only encourage your donors and fundraisers but also stimulate your staff members in your group. This encourages them to work harder and make more efforts to reach fundraising goals.

How to Use a Fundraising Thermometer

Now that you know the great benefits of a fundraising thermometer, or goal thermometer, maybe you're wondering how to use your fundraising thermometer graphic effectively.

  • Plan your campaign

    When you decide to install a donation thermometer, you have to be clearly aware of your campaign. Make sure that you know well about what your fundraising thermometer is for and your final goal about this campaign. Then you can develop your strategy which helps you attract people to use your tool.

  • Show your fundraising thermometer

    To let an increasing number of people know and join your campaign, make sure the fundraising meter is placed prominently on your website.

    If your nonprofit is having an event to promote your fundraiser, you can get a printable fundraising thermometer image to propagandize your campaign.

    If you're having a long-term goal, you could increase the temperature of your money thermometer, every time you receive donations. Moreover, update the money raising thermometer in your monthly report so that everyone can see it.

  • Share on your social media

    Share the donation thermometer on your social media, which can make all your followers follow up on the fundraising information. When making full use of the impact of social media, you can spread your campaign widely.

    If you want to make it easy to share the money thermometer on social media, just post fundraiser thermometer images on social media.

  • Hang the fundraising thermometer to nonprofits' office

    When the supporters of nonprofit organizations go to the office, they will notice your fundraising thermometer poster. Show images of the money thermometer, you can encourage more and more people to join your campaign. Furthermore, it is a wonderful way to motivate your employee to make great efforts for your goal.

  • Move forward with your goal

    It is obvious that accomplishing a plan is pretty inspiring. When you finish your goal that sets up at first, all the supporters will be comforted, for plenty of people in need can get assistance.

    In this case, move forward with your goal to create a new goal. What you need to pay attention to is to inform all the supporters where the donations will go.